Sension CR-Series Barcode Reader Camera for 1D and 2D Barcodes

Our compact and high-performance image-based barcode readers are the perfect choice for any demanding barcode reading application.  The product palette ranges from the advanced high-resolution 5 Megapixel CR-5000 camera to the affordable CR-1300 high-speed camera. All cameras use our advanced CodeMAX barcode decoding technology with fast and reliable performance, making it possible to decode damaged barcodes in challenging conditions without complicated parameter tweaking. The cameras provide easy integration and setup through an intuitive web interface. Typical applications include:

  • Transportation & Logistic
  • Automated conveyor sorting
  • Distribution and retail,
  • Order fulfillment and verification
  • Reverse logistics process
  • High-speed production line inspection
  • Inbound and outbound logistics.


CR-Series Barcode Readers Powered by Sony Exmor and Codemax