Accessories for the CR-Series Barcode Readers

There is a wide range of accessories available for the CR-5000 and CR-1300 series barcode reader cameras, including lenses, lighting modules and lens covers.

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CR Series Lenses

Superior high-quality C-mount lenses with ultra-low distortion and 5 Megapixel optical resolution.  The optics includes manual focusing and aperture adjustment and includes mechanical locking screws. IMPORTANT: All decoding performance eval..

Ex Tax: €399.00

CR-Series Lens Front Cover

Lens Front cover in rugged anodized aluminium with IP65 enclosure, including solid rubber gasket. Maximum lens dimensions is 38 mm in length and 36 mm in diameter...

Ex Tax: €299.00

LM-200 LED Module

High lumen LED Module in rugged anodized aluminium with IP65 enclosure. White LED with color temperature 6500K, Angle 120 degrees, Continous luminous flux 2000 Lumens, Pulsed luminous flux 4000 Lumens @ max 1% duty cycle. Other color options on reque..

Ex Tax: €249.00

LM-300 LED Module

The LM-300 series is a high lumen LED module in rugged anodized aluminum with IP65 enclosure for the CR-series camera. The module supports both continuous operation and pulsed operation for increased optical output. The module delivers more than 3000..

Ex Tax: €749.00