CR-1302 Barcode Reader

CR-1302 Barcode Reader

The CR-1302 Barcode Reader is a versatile industrial 2D barcode reader for high-speed barcode reading applications. The CR-1302 delivers unprecedented barcode detection and decoding with 30 full-frames decodes per second with 1.3 Megapixel image resolution.  The CR-1302 camera includes our high-performance CodeMAX technology, that robustly decodes distorted and damaged low-quality symbols. This includes wrinkled symbols, curved symbols, glossy symbols, scratched symbols, poorly printed symbols, and symbols with partly damaged or missing finder- and clock patterns.

Typical applications include DPM reading and verification, electronics product tracking, distribution & POS/retail, small objects sorting, E-shop warehouse in/outbound logistics, medical devices traceability and food & beverage outbound logistics. To provide simple electrical integration, the reader also includes a dual distance sensor subsystem that provides automated object detection, thus eliminating the need for interfacing to other external detection sensors. The CR-1302 features a solid and rugged design with IP65 enclosure and uses standard industrial 100Mbit Ethernet for communication and data output. Optional high-lumen LED front modules are available which is easily mounted without any external wiring, thus eliminating the need for external lighting.

CR Series
Image Sensor Resolution1.3 Megapixel
Full-frame scans30 Scans/sec
Supported SymbologiesQR Code, DataMatrix, PDF-417

The advanced CodeMAX barcode decoding software uses complex algorithms which provides accurate high performance barcode decoding in a number of challenging conditions:


Curved surfaces


Out of focus


Glossy Surfaces


Uneven Surfaces


Wrinkled Surfaces


Bad printing


Small barcodes


Low contrast


Skewed angles


Damaged barcodes


Occluded barcodes


Multiple barcodes
Full-frame scans
  • 30 scans/sec
Image Sensor
  • 1.3 Megapixel global shutter CMOS
Supported 1D symbologies
  • None
Supported 2D symbologies
  • QR code
  • Micro-QR
  • Datamatrix
  • PDF-417
  • Micro PDF-417
Product Content
  • CR-1302 barcode reader
  • Industrial Ethernet cable, 5 m, Cat.6, with 8-pos M12 connector and RJ-45 connector at back-end
  • Multi-Io cable with 12-pos M12 connector and pre-tinned wires at back-end
  • 24VDC Power supply, 3 Amp (+/- 10%)
  • Complete CR-5000 series programming SDK (see content below)
  • Users manual
  • Video tutorials
  • 12-month free email support
  • Note: The product does NOT include optics, LED front module and lens front cover.
IO Connectivity

Multi-IO connector :

  • 24 VDC power input
  • Optocoupled ‘Trigger input’ 12/24V compliancy
  • Optocoupled ‘Scan active’ input 12/24V compliancy
  • Optocoupled ‘Decode done’ output 12/24V compliancy
  • Optocoupled ‘Decode success’ output 12/24V compliancy
  • Multi device sync
  • External LED module control
  • 12 Pos M12, Binder 09-3491-90-12

Industrial Ethernet Connector:

  • 100Mbit/1000Mbit, 4 x twisted pairs
  • 8 Pos M12, Binder 09-3782-91-08
Programming SDK
  • SDK programming tutorial
  • Easy to use camera configuration utility
  • Open-source C++ examples for easy integration with back-end system
  • Video tutorials
1-9 units2299 €
10-49 units2099 €
50-99 units1899 €
100+ units1699 €



CR-1300 Series product flyer version 1.04 - pdf



Mechanical Documentation


Mechanical drawing with barcode reader dimensions - drawing



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Key Features:

▪ 1.3 Megapixel global shutter CMOS sensor with excellent SNR and dynamic range

▪ Up to 30 full-frame scans pr. second

▪ Reading of fast moving objects with speeds above 1000 mm/sec

▪ Unprecedented barcode decoding with CodeMAX technology

▪ Decodes deformed, damaged and degraded low-quality barcodes

▪ Decodes symbols on glossy, wrinkled and uneven surfaces

▪ Integrated distance sensors for automatic object detection

▪ Industrial Ethernet interface for communication and data output

▪ Rugged design with IP65 enclosure for harsh industrial environments.

▪ Optocoupled input for external trigger input

▪ Dual optocoupled outputs with decode status direct interface to reject mechatronics

▪ Optional high-power LED illumination front modules with no external wiring

▪ Support for multi-sided scanner applications using multiple CR-1300 units

▪ Standard XML output

▪ Easy integration with back-end systems

▪ C-mount lenses with optional IP65 protection enclosure

▪ Optional high-power LED illumination front modules