Sension Cloud Services

Coming Soon: Sension CodeMAX Cloud and TrueOCR Cloud

  • Sension CodeMAX Cloud is a REST API based barcode decoding service featuring the highly robust and fast barcode decoding performance known from our CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK.
  • Sension TrueOCR Cloud is a groundbreaking new REST API based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool that does not require any training or parameter tweaking.

Our cloud services allow you to process images from almost any programming language and platform.  As our cloud services works independently of your operating system and programming language, you can now achieve our world-class barcode decoding and OCR performance from any device that supports standard HTTP requests and responses. Just make a request with an image containing one or more barcodes or text elements, and the result will be delivered almost instantly in easy to read JSON format.

Both very favorable pay-per-request and flat-rate payment plans will be available.

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