CodeMAX Pro Barcode Reader SDK

CodeMAX Pro Barcode Reader SDK
Our world-class performing CodeMAX Barcode Reader software, known from our popular CR-series barcode reader cameras, is now available as standalone SDK`s. The CodeMAX PRO barcode reader SDK includes everything you need to robustly detect and decode the most common 1D and 2D barcodes. Reliable and fast barcode decoding are important for both the end-user experience and for throughput in industrial applications. Our CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK delivers both. With easy integration and a setup procedure without complicated technical parameters that have to be tweaked, you will be ready to decode even the most challenging barcodes within a few minutes.

Barcode Reading Features:

  • Reads multiple barcodes in an image.
  • Reads challenging barcodes regardless of angle and perspective.
  • Read barcodes only within a specified image region.

Supported Symbologies:

  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E
  • EAN-8
  • EAN-13
  • EAN-128
  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • Databar composite CC-A and CC-B
  • GS1-128
  • ITF
  • Codabar
  • MSI Plessey
  • Databar limited, stacked omnidirectional and truncated

  • QR Code
  • DataMatrix
  • PDF-417

Barcode Result Output:

  • Barcode type.
  • Barcode content.
  • Barcode symbol bounding box coordinates.
  • Barcode processing time.
  • Image with barcode information overlay graphics.

Supported Image Sources:

  • Color or grayscale jpg, jpeg, png, tif and tiff images.
  • 8 or 24-bit image buffer.

Decoding Modes:

  • Fast - For high-speed decoding of good quality barcodes.
  • Normal (default) - The best compromise between processing speed and low-quality barcode decoding.
  • Precise - For decoding of highly damaged and deformed barcodes.

Multi-Processing Modes:

  • Skip - Skips a barcode decoding call if all system resources are used.
  • Block - Blocks a barcode decoding call if all system resources are used.

Operating Modes:

  • Detect and decode all barcodes in an image.
  • Only perform barcode detection.
  • Only perform barcode decoding.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Linux Ubuntu 16.04+ x64.
  • Windows 10 (Coming soon).

Supported Languages:

  • C++.
  • C# (Coming soon).

SDK Content:

  • A complete barcode decoding library with simple to use functions.
  • Additional utility classes.
  • Automated SDK installer/uninstaller tool.
  • Several self-explanatory code examples (Example usage).
  • 12-month e-mail support.
  • 12-month update coverage.
  • Documentation.


The license is not floating but will be locked to a specified GPU.

*Note that this SDK is available for download only, you will not receive any physical items.

Supported Symbologies UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, Code 39, Code 93, Databar composite CC-A and CC-B, GS1-128, ITF, Codabar, MSI Plessey, Databar limited, stacked omnidirectional and truncated, QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF-417

License Managment:

Your CodeMAX SDK license will be locked to a specific GPU. Hence, a single license cannot be used on multiple machines.

The CodeMAX SDK license file is obtained and used in the following way:

  • Add one or more NVIDIA GPU UUID's to your user account.
  • Before adding a CodeMAX SDK product to the shopping cart, select which GPU UUID the product should be locked to.
  • Upon completed checkout you will receive a license file.
  • To unlock the SDK, simply copy the licence file to the same directory as your application binaries.
  • Alternative locations of the license file can be specified in the SDK setup procedure.

To learn how to obtain your unique NVIDIA GPU UUID please refer to the support section.


End User License Agreement.

IMPORTANT: Before purchase and installing our Barcode Reader Software SDK, please read the related license agreement carefully. You can find the license agreement here LicenseAgreement.pdf



1-9399 €
10-99319 €
99-499249 €
500+ (Please call for higher volume prices)199 €

The advanced CodeMAX barcode decoding software uses complex algorithms which provides accurate high performance barcode decoding in a number of challenging conditions:


Curved surfaces


Out of focus


Glossy Surfaces


Uneven Surfaces


Wrinkled Surfaces


Bad printing


Small barcodes


Low contrast


Skewed angles


Damaged barcodes


Occluded barcodes


Multiple barcodes

The CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK utilizes GPU processing for real-time barcode detection and decoding. Please refer to the list of supported cards for more information.


System Requirements:

  • NVIDIA GPU with minimum 1GB ram and a CUDA compute capability of mimimum 3.0.
  • CUDA 9.2 and suitable drivers must be installed.
  • Recommended minimum CPU is 1GHz x86-64.
  • Supported operating systems: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or greater or Windows 10 (Available Soon).
  • Supported programming language: C++ and C# (Available Soon)



CodeMAX - Decoding 500 Barcode Images From Open Food Facts




Robust and Reliable Realtime Barcode Decoding with CodeMAX



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Key Features:

▪ World-class barcode decoding with no complicated settings

▪ Simple integration that requires only very few lines of code

▪ Decodes highly deformed, and low-quality barcodes

▪ Decodes symbols on glossy, wrinkled and uneven surfaces

▪ Decodes highly scratched, scuffed and damaged symbols

▪ Decodes 2D barcodes with damaged alignment or clock pattern (2D and PRO versions only)

▪ Real-time performance using advanced GPU acceleration

▪ Multi-threading support

▪ Supports png, tiff and jpeg greyscale/color images

▪ Available as C++ library with examples (C# coming soon)

Current Version:

▪ Linux : null

▪ Microsoft Windows : null