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Custom Barcode Scanners and Vision Systems | Sension

Custom-developed Barcode Scanners and Vision Systems

Custom designed vision systems and barcode readers

Sension has in-depth hands-on experience designing high-speed, compact and reliable customer-specific embedded vision systems for a broad range of industries including the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and agricultural industry.

We offer development of vision software, hardware components, or complete scanner and vision inspection- and automation systems. Development services include software, hardware, optics, illumination, and mechatronics.

Our services include a long-term supply of custom-designed barcode scanners and vision systems. This includes maintenance, production, assembly, QA control/tests, and stocking. Please contact us for more information.

Software development

  • 1D & 2D Barcode decoding
  • Barcode quality grading, ISO standards
  • Object Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Graphics/printing quality grading
  • Text quality grading
  • Visual inspection and quality control
  • Generic 2D/3D Object tracking
  • People counting and queue monitoring
  • Color and 3d imaging
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence

    Hardware design

    • High-end CMOS and HDR CMOS Sensors
    • CCD Sensors
    • 3D Stereo vision
    • 3D using ToF (Time-of-Flight)
    • Multi ARMs and FPGA systems
    • High-speed I/O
    • High performance LED illumination

    Other services

    • Mechanical design
    • Mechatronics design
    • Optics and laser design
    • Consultancy