Is the performance of the free online barcode reader comparable to the CodeMAX SDK?

Yes, in fact our online barcode reader is based on the latest version of the CodeMAX PRO Barcode Reader SDK.

Why do asterisks (*) appear in the barcode content in the CodeMAX Demo Barcode Reader SDK?

When using the free CodeMAX DEMO Barcode Reader SDK the result of scanned barcodes will masked with asterisks at the last two characters. Please upgrade to a paid version of the SDK to remove the asterisks.

Why are some of the barcode region coordinates equal to 0 in the CodeMAX Demo Barcode Reader SDK?

When using the free CodeMAX DEMO Barcode Reader SDK the not all barcode region coordinates are shown. Please upgrade to a paid version of the SDK to get the full coordinate set.

How do i find the NVIDIA GPU UUID?

The NVIDIA GPU UUID can be found by following guide

Why can't i decode a barcode?

If a barcode cannot be decoded with the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK, please check the following:

  • Verify that the barcode type you are trying to decode is enabled in the SDK setup() function call. Use the CM_ENABLE_ALL define to enable all sybologies or enable individual symbologies by their definition seperated by the OR ('|') flag e.g. 'CM_EAN_8 | CM_EAN_13' to enable decoding of EAN8 and EAN13 barcodes only.
  • If you are attempting to decode from an image, make sure that you are using an image format supported by the SDK. Please always check the return value of the cmIoImg.load() function to verify that the image was loaded without errors.
  • If the barcode you are trying to decode is severly damaged the default barcode decoding timeout value might not be high enough as the processing of such barcodes is more involved than good quality barcodes. Try to increase the timeout value. Generally, the less powerfull computers requires higher timeout values.
  • Ensure that the decoder is initialized with a suitable processeing strategy e.g. use CM_PROCSTRATEGY_PRECISE to decode highly damaged barcodes.
  • Check that the barcode you are trying to decode conforms to the standard of the respective symbology type i.e. quiet zone size, minimum module size and etc. Please refer to the GS1 General Specifications page 311 and onwards for specifications of different barcode symbologies.
How can i make the barcode decoding faster?

If you are experiencing slow barcode decoding or want to decode barcodes faster with the CodeMAX SDK please consider the following:

  • If you are using an old computer or a cpu with only one or two cores the decoding might be slow. As the decoding process is internally parallized in the SDK, when an image contains multiple barcodes, a higher number of CPU cores will drastically speed up the decoding process.
  • The CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK supports multi-processing. Consider using multiple decoding threads to fully utilize your hardware.
  • Decoding of low quality, damaged and partially occluded barcodes will take longer time than high quality barcodes.
  • Ensure that the imaging device used to capture the barcode images has a high enough resolution to resolve the barcodes at the desired distance and that the lens is properly focused. Please also make sure that the images are properly exposed, preferably using light sources that do not introduce glare in the images, and avoid using high ISO settings / digital gain. Avoid extreme perspectives and use an exposure value high enough to avoid motion blur.
What are the requirements for the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK?

The CodeMAX SDK requires a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU with minimum 1GB ram and CUDA compute capability of minimum 3.0. Please refer to https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus for a list of supported GPU's. Additionally CUDA 8.x.x and a suitable NVIDIA driver must be installed. The recommended minimum CPU is 1GHz x86-64 with Ubuntu 16.04.

How should use the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK license file?

As default the license file should be placed in the same director as any binaries using the SDK. Alternatively a custom location of the license file can be set using the'pLicenseFileDir' argument in the CodeMAX::Setup() call.

How can i move a CodeMAX SDK license from one computer to another?

The CodeMAX SDK license is locked to a specific machine specified during the purchase process and cannot be tranfered to another machine.

I have lost my CodeMAX SDK license key, how can it be restored?

You can download your CodeMAX SDK license keys by logging in to your Sension Web account.