CodeMAX in head-to-head comparison with leading barcode decoders

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CodeMAX Barcode Reader Test


Our new optimized CodeMAX barcode detector and decoder delivers outstanding performance in a head-to-head comparison test with current commercial world leading barcode decoders.

When it comes to image-based barcode readers any model can decode a clear straight-on image of a barcode. However, when the barcode is degraded in various ways e.g. has low contrast, are wrinkled, contains light reflection spots or are in low resolution, only the best commercial barcode readers still delivers. We have compared the decoding performance of the CodeMAX barcode decoding software to some of our closest competitors using different supermarket items where the barcodes contain one or more of the aforementioned degradations. Based on this test, the CodeMAX barcode reading software has up to twice the decoding success rate compared to the competitors when decoding difficult EAN-8 and EAN-13 barcodes.

You can check out the decoding performance of the CodeMAX decoder on these difficult barcode decoding scenarios in the image gallery below. We also provide a subset of the test images for you to download, such that you can compare with your current barcode decoding solution. The CodeMAX supermarket barcode test set can be downloaded here as a zip-file.

Please contact us if you want to know more about how CodeMAX can help increase your barcode decoding rate.