Collaboration with the best engineering university in Europe

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Aalborg University


Sension is proud of our collaboration with Aalborg University, which has recently been ranked as the best engineering university in Europe.


At Sension we are constantly working on pushing the boundaries of what can be done within image-based barcode decoding. We believe that our products are a key part of powering the digital revolution in areas such as logistics handling, retail, production and many more. However, making a computer capable of locating, categorizing and decoding multiple kinds of barcodes in an image is not a simple task, and it is further complicated by the inherent properties of digital images, which can be noisy, blurry, incorrectly exposed and etc. The actual decoding of the barcodes can also be tricky if the barcodes are in low quality e.g. badly printed, scratched or wrinkled.

To solve these challenges Sension is using state of the art artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms for image processing and understanding. Over the past few years, AI has improved to levels where its performance beats almost all traditional image processing algorithms. However, leveraging these scientific breakthroughs by transforming the latest research into practical implementations that can be used to solve real problems is not trivial. As we are located in Aalborg a collaboration with Aalborg University, which engineering study programmes has recently been named the best in Europe and fourth best in the world, has been a natural choice in the process of developing the most optimal AI algorithms for use in our products. The collaboration with Aalborg University makes it possible for us to get access to the most recent knowledge and get a fresh perspective on our work through student semester projects or project-based internships.


This year we are hosting five engineering students from Aalborg University where the majority are working within AI. Together with the student and the student's supervisor we have formulated concrete projects to which we provide supervision throughout the semester. While the outcome of the student's work might not be directly implemented in our products, it is still highly valuable for us as a way to explore new methods and ideas. For the students, the internship is a valuable learning process, as they get a chance to try their theoretical competences in practice and improve their professional profile by interacting in the daily work in the company. One of the current internship students at Sension, Anders Johansen who is studying Medialogy on 9'th semester says that "Working with a company such as Sension gives a unique perspective on how the problem-oriented methodologies and theory are applied in a working environment, while you get to work on a project that has a visible and tangible impact".


Sodtware Development at Sension


Over the years Sension has hosted numerous students from Aalborg University, and in several cases, this has lead to the student getting employed at Sension. At Sension we are very proud of our collaboration with Aalborg University, and we highly value the outcome of this. Not only the business-related part but also the fact that we are able to give something back to the students in form of mentoring and company insight.


If you are a qualified engineering student from Aalborg University interested in a project-based internship or doing a semester project in collaboration with us, please feel free to contact us for a discussion of the possibilities.


You can read more about the impressive ranking of Aalborg University here: