Barcode Decoding Using AI Technology in the CR-5000

Posted by Andreas Aakerberg 07/10/2019 0 Comment(s)


Advantages of the AI-based Barcode Decoding in the CR-5000 Barcode Reader


The advanced CR-5000 Barcode Reader is the world's first barcode reader which is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. More specifically the CR-5000 relies on state-of-the-art deep learning technology inspired by the human brain. In practice, deep learning makes machines able to learn by example, just as when a human learns a new task e.g. how to drive a car. The learning capabilities are achived by mimicking the neural connections found in the human brain. Compared to traditional machine vision, deep learning often has much higher accuracy and better generalization abilities.


The Deep Learning based barcode decoding technology found in the CR-5000 gives the following advantages compared to traditional barcode readers:

  • Easily locates and reads barcodes even in very challenging scenarios.
  • The setup procedure is very quick, as no image pre-processing and parameter tweaking is required.
  • Tolerates variations and deviations in the scenario, such as defective items and changing lighting conditions.


Thanks to its advanced deep learning technologies the CR-5000 Barcode Reader is the perfect choice for highly demanding logistics, verification and manufacturing applications.