Robust and Reliable Realtime Barcode Decoding with CodeMAX

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CodeMAX – The backbone technology of our CR-5000 series industrial barcode readers.

Our new CodeMAX technology uses advanced machine vision for fast and reliable detection and decoding of multiple barcodes in the same image, something which is not possible with a traditional laser scanner. With CodeMAX any 1D or 2D barcodes can be decoded regardless of the orientation or scale of the barcodes. CodeMAX can decode barcodes on any parcel or package, even in cluttered environments, and is suitable for difficult-to-read codes such as:

  • Very small codes
  • Codes with perspective distortion
  • Low contrast codes
  • Over and undersaturated codes.
  • Codes with specular highlights
  • Damaged codes
  • Out of focus codes.
  • Noisy codes
  • Codes in cluttered environments

The CodeMAX software can be configured to suit a wide range of applications. It is possible to enable/disable different symbol types, set user-defined region-of-interests and choose between faster decoding speeds or more accuracy, among others. CodeMAX technology is ideal for use in any logistics handling application. Please contact us for more information, and make sure to check out the CodeMAX demonstration video below