New Multi-Threading Support in the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK

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Multi threaded barcode decoding codemax


New CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK v.1.3


From version 1.3 the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK supports barcode decoding in multi-threaded environments as the SDK is now fully thread-safe and reentrant.

The CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK already internally parallelizes the decoding process if the input image contains multiple barcodes. However, with the new user level controllable multi-threading support, the CPU cores can now be fully utilized at all times. This typically results in up to 4x speed-up in processing times when using four threads on a quad-core Intel CPU compared to sequential processing, when decoding images containing a single barcode.

Multi-threaded decoding is particularly useful when batch processing a large amount of barcode images, or in a setup with multiple image input sources e.g. digital cameras. Additionally, with the addition of two different asynchronous operating modes, namely CM_ASYNCMODE_BLOCK and CM_ASYNCMODE_SKIP the developer has the freedom to choose the most suitable asynchronous operating mode. The CM_ASYNCMODE_SKIP can be used when the highest possible throughput is desired at the cost of possible skipped frames e.g. when decoding images from a live camera feed. The CM_ASYNCMODE_BLOCK mode us useful when no frames must be skipped, e.g. when decoding a folder of barcode images.


Besides multi-processing support, the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK v1.3 also includes two new processing modes and overall improved barcode decoding speeds.

The new DECODE_ONLY processing mode makes it possible to skip the barcode detection algorithm for even faster barcode decoding speeds in cases where the barcode occupies the full input image. On the contrary, the new possibility of disabling the barcode decoding, makes it possible to perform barcode localization only, for a very fast output of the coordinates of all barcodes in an image.




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