New CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK Release v.1.2

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CodeMAX EAN8 barcode decode


New CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK Release v.1.2.

The new CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK features an optimized barcode detection algorithm which significantly improves the ability to decode skewed-angle, partially occluded and under-exposed barcodes. The new release furthermore improves the read rate of out-of-focus, low-resolution and damaged barcodes. The improvements are available to all CodeMAX SDK variants including the 1D, 2D, PRO and demo variants.

Contact us today for a free 30 day trial of the CodeMAX Barcode Reader Demo SDK which supports both 1D and 2D barcodes, or try it out right now using our free online barcode reader

You can experience the improved barcode decoding capabilities of the CodeMAX Barcode Reader SDK in the examples below. The original barcode example images can aslo be downloaded  here for evaluation with your current barcode decoding solution

  • CodeMAX Barcode SDK EAN13
  • CodeMAX damaged and wrinkled barcodes
  • CodeMAX Barcode in perspective
  • CodeMAX low resolution barcode
  • CodeMAX underexposed barcode