Automated Parcel Sorting With the CR-5000

Posted by Andreas Aakerberg 12/12/2019 0 Comment(s)




Automated Parcel Sorting With the CR-5000


Superior barcode decoding performance and easy installation make the CR-5000 barcode reader the perfect choice for automated parcel sorting applications.


The high-resolution 5 MegaPixel image sensor covers large areas in high definition with blazing fast acquisition rates for the highest possible read-rates. For sorting applications with even larger areas or multi-sided reading, multiple CR-5000 readers can be combined to extend the field-of-view. 


The reading area is clearly illuminated by our high-powered LED illumination modules, which can easily be mounted on the CR-5000.


Data from each sorted item is accessible via REST endpoints or the built-in TCP server functionality. In a multi-reader setup, data from each slave reader is automatically collected and combined by the master reader.

The CR-5000 can be used to directly control peripheral devices via its opto-coupled outputs depending on the specified good-read criteria. 


Even with all its extraordinary features, the CR-5000 is a very cost-effective solution for use in parcel-sorting, e-commerce and distribution centers.