CodeMAX – Decoding 500 Barcode Images From Open Food Facts

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Demonstrating the performance of our CodeMAX barcode reading software by decoding 500 barcode images from Open Food Facts.


Open Food Facts is a large collaborative database of food products, containing nutritional information and images of a wide range of common foods, which are uploaded by volunteers. Most of the product images contain a barcode, and as these are user uploaded images, the appearance and quality of these images vary a lot. A lot of these images are acquired with smartphone cameras in a natural setting, and due to this most of the barcodes on the images are degraded in some way e.g. partly occluded, overexposed, skewed and etc. Hence images of barcodes from the Open Food Facts database can make a great test set for an independent evaluation of different image-based barcode readers.


We have randomly collected 500 of these images from the Open Food Facts database and used these to pit our CodeMAX barcode reader against our closest competitors who claim to have the worlds best barcode reading performance. We evaluate the barcode readers based on their ability to decode the barcode on the food item in the images and assigning the read rate as a score for each barcode reader. The read rate is the number of barcodes successfully read divided by the number of attempts, in this case, the 500 test images from Open Food Facts, expressed as a percentage. A high read rate equals robustness and reliability which translates to higher throughput and less time wasted. All barcode readers were evaluated using their respective maximum decoding effort settings. As seen in the chart below, the CodeMAX barcode reader has a 92.2% read rate, a staggering 11.6% higher than our closest competitor, and more than 20% better than the most widely used open source barcode decoding library.


If you are interested in seeing what it looks like when we decode the 500 images with the CodeMAX barcode reading software we have put together a video which can be seen below. You are also welcome to download the dataset containing the 500 images from the Open Food Facts database for evaluation of your current barcode reading solution. Please contact us if you want to know more about how CodeMAX can help increase your barcode decoding rate.


Sension does not own the rights to the barcode images presented in this article. The images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license and the authorship is attributed to Open Food Facts