Decoding DataMatrix Codes with Less Than 2 Pixels Per Module Using SenseMAX (Beta)

Posted by Sension Admin 16/01/2018 0 Comment(s) News,

SenseMAX small barcode decoding


Even with the ultra high resolution 5 MegaPixel cameras featured in the CR-5000 series industrial barcode readers, there is a physical limit to how far away barcodes can be from the camera before they become unreadable. With SenseMAX technology this limit can be pushed drastically without changing the camera optics. SenseMAX is a software algorithm which makes it possible to decode extremely small barcodes or barcodes very far away from the camera. In fact, SenseMAX allows us to decode 2D symbols with less than 2 pixels per module, and 1D barcodes with approximately 1 pixels per module. SenseMAX furthermore improves read rates and enables the possibility of a wider field of view without compromising the decoding performance.


SenseMAX will be released in Q3 2018 and available for all cameras in the CR-5000 series range.


Check out the SenseMAX demonstration video below to see a real-time decoding example. Please contact us for more information about how this can change the way you read barcodes.