TrueOCR - AI Powered OCR

Posted by Andreas Aakerberg 03/12/2019 0 Comment(s)


TrueOCR - AI Powered OCR



TrueOCR is a groundbreaking new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool from Sension that does not require any training or complex setup procedures. Using state-of-the-art deep-learning technologies our TrueOCR algorithms have been trained on more than 40.000 different font types, enabling it to read any text ranging from industrial OCR-A/B and handwritten text to the more uncommon scripted font types. Thanks to the built-in intelligence, TrueOCR is capable of handling large variations in character appearance and orientatation. Furthermore, TrueOCR has no problems with reading low-contrast, distorted or even curved text.


Typical application areas for TrueOCR include:

  • Reading and verification of printed text.
  • Reading expiry dates and serial numbers on food and electronics.
  • Reading batch and lot numbers on pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Reading license plates on cars.
  • Reading part numbers in manufacturing.


TrueOCR highlights

  • Works with any font type out-of-the-box, no training or teach-in required.
  • Highly tolerant to variations in text appearance and quality.
  • Performs OCR in real-time.


TrueOCR will be available as a cloud-service and in dedicated OCR readers soon.